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Here are some examples of what’s already happening due to global warming:

  • In the summer of 2003, an intense heat wavewas blamed for an estimated 35,000 deaths across large swaths of Europe. A study says that global warming has doubled the likelihood of heat waves of this magnitude.
  • Scientists found in 2008 that poison ivy vines have grown 10 times denser near Savannah, Ga., over the last 20 years. Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes poison ivy to grow larger and produce stronger irritants.
  • Six young men and boys were killed by fatal parasites in 2007 at Lake Havasu, Ariz., after they swam in water infested with a heat-loving amoeba. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expect more of these illnesses as global temperatures rise.
  • Mosquitoes that carry malaria were found at never-before-seen elevations on Mount Kenya in 2006. As temperatures rise, higher elevations become more hospitable for mosquitoes — and more dangerous for local inhabitants.                                                                                                                     
  Source- National Resources Defence Council
Global Warming Statistics:

The Inconvenient Truth

The most viewed video about global warming. The most touching. By Al Gore.


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